Interestingly there’s not really a new ‘latest and greatest’ trend in what’s bring awarded creatively this year. Female empowerment continues to grow, unfortunately and bafflingly it’s mainly the realm of female products and body washes. Given 80% of decisions across all categories are made by women, we’re really missing a trick here. Then there was Fearless Girl, a phenomenal piece of work that has won more awards than any other campaign in Cannes history, but do you remember the client?

A trend I think we should all take note of and one that really suits our kiwi tone of voice, is brands acting a lot more human. The ability to laugh at ourselves or empower others is one we all admire in people, so why not adopt it as a brand where possible.

Two brands that stand out are Wendy’s for their hard hitting social and digital, and KFC (full disclosure we do work with Restaurant Brands) for turning a potential PR disaster into a global campaign. Neither of these examples cost a lot to create, but the thinking, strategy and delivery is bang on. They are both great stories you’d want to share and man did the world share.

So next time you find yourself saying, “I think it’s funny but our consumers…” remember, we’re all people. And brands that act more human are winning with the public.


– Bridget Taylor, Executive Creative Director, Contagion