Brand Strategy


Brand Strategy

Strategy’s first job is to listen, from here we can really start to get an idea of what the business opportunity is and what success looks like. We know above all else the opportunity with consumers will be an emotional one, and this is where the true insights that will drive profitability and loyalty reside. What is the opportunity you want to maximise?

Any great strategy is collaborative. It demands energetic optimism, intellectual rigour and a huge level of emotional intimacy. With all of our clients we find the answer together, looking honestly at all levels of the playing field. In the space between the business’ ambition, what the consumer will buy, and the competitor landscape lies huge success. Our job is to find it through a fun, involving and detailed process.

What are you selling and what are people buying? It’s the same, right? This is what we seek to find out and generally find it’s very, very different. Because while we sell products and services, people buy based on emotional needs – to attract a mate, feel like a better parent or seem smarter.

We use a vast number of processes, communication tools, workshops, strategies and qualitative research groups – most of all we have a constant hunger for knowledge. The most important factor in all of this is having a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and their business. Together everything is achievable. Our brand strategy is to make our clients as successful as possible.


Awarding winning creative


Awarding winning creative

When hiring creative people, there are certain qualities we like them to have. They have to be whip-smart. Award winning creative talent. Articulate. Nice to have around. A reasonable standard of personal hygiene is always good, too.

Apart from that, we’re quite big on diversity. Our ECD is one of only two females in this role in New Zealand. We’re also very proud to have a 50/50 female and male, maori and european department.

As well as having people across all disciplines – big brand creatives, brand design, social, digital, experientential, activations, fast turn around content, apps, internal comms, direct response, design, product design and production. We’ve also built a department of people from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life. With a variety of sensibilities, tastes and influences.

While each and every one has a super power be it copywriting, art direction or design, they are hybirds who offer a vast array of other skills. Art directors who are also photographers, writers who direct, designers who code. You see we believe the best creative talent isn’t tied to a desipline, but the pursuit of the most potent creative outcome for our clients.

Some excel at humour. Others are more empathetic. We can communicate in the rarefied manner of a blue-blooded Oxford Professor, speak bro or do anything in-between.

Why? Because we don’t want to fall into the trap of having an agency style.

After all, the voice we need to speak in is not ours. It’s yours.


Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing

The internet revolution began in 2000. It was ten years later that the social revolution took off and now there are two billion people on one platform, fake news and brexit. The rate of acceleration will only continue to increase and to remain relevant brands must evolve at the same pace.

You need an agency who can help you navigate, prepare and prosper through complexity. The next phase of digital and social revolution is happening right now. We were established for this very reason. Today social and digital isn’t a platform, it’s life. People don’t think in channels, they just want a seamless experience that enhances every aspect of their life.

We start stories that tell themselves

We love that this balance of power has shifted in favour of consumers over brands. We love this because it means we build relationships to influence, engage and motivate people to talk, share and ultimately buy. We thrive and specialise in creating amazing stories that bring to life our brand’s key messages in an engaging, interesting way that enhances the environment it is in.

In coming up with fresh ideas, our team is very much a part of every brief, planning session and works hand in hand in execution to make ideas that are worth talking about. For planning and insight, we use social listening to become the eyes and ears for your brand, spotting every little opportunity that may become a game-changing business insight.


Media Agency


Media Agency

What makes Contagion Media stand out from the crowd:

You will get our full attention. The senior people in our business work on your business; you don’t get fobbed off with juniors after your first meeting.

You won’t find us spouting jargon. Media is complicated but it shouldn’t be hard to understand.

You will know exactly how your money is spent.

We are transparent in how we charge for all media, from ad serving to TV.

We trade using an agile model. No media money is locked into yearly deals.

We react swiftly to audience trends and mix media based on your results.

We are experts at integration and collaboration.

We believe in NZ business and how we can make the world a better place.

We partner with NZ tech companies to bring you solutions that work for NZ at affordable prices.

Our strategic process is home grown, not lifted off the shelf from a global platform built for elsewhere. It is created from NZ to work with data available in NZ.

We do all this across every media ;we are media planning , media buying media strategy, sem and seo experts.